Cavalier King Charles Puppies

from Gillcrest Cavaliers

Gillcrest Cavaliers-Adopting A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

Cavalier King Charles puppies … who doesn’t love them? We certainly do!

Here at Gillcrest Cavaliers, I have worked hard at getting the very best Cavaliers I can possibly find. My family of Cavaliers have the correct temperament and that beautiful Cavalier look. They are correct to the Cavalier breed standard, but more importantly, they come from healthy, long-lived Cavalier lines.

As you look over the pedigrees of my various Cavaliers, you may notice many of their ancestors are from other countries. I do like Cavaliers from the US, but I think some of the most beautiful Cavaliers are found abroad and in fact, we are seeing an increasing number of imported Cavaliers at dog shows now. They have a soft, more refined look that I like and so I have certainly traveled some great distances when adding new dogs to our family! While you might not necessarily see all of the ‘champion’ statuses in the pedigrees of my dog, that is simply because the American Kennel Club does not recognize champion status from other countries. Fear not, the champion status is there.

Gillcrest Cavaliers-Adopting A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy
All my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are AKC registered and my adult Cavaliers are OFA cleared annually for their hearts by a cardiologist and eyes by a ophthalmologist. Copies of the OFA clearances and parents’ pedigrees will be provided to you if you adopt a Gillcrest Cavalier puppy.

Most of my puppies are Blenheim (red and white), although I occasionally have Tri-Colored puppies. I never have Ruby or Black and Tan.

Puppies are born in my bedroom and stay there until they are three weeks old. Then they are moved to the family room, so they can start to interact with the family and get used to the house noises and movement. At about six weeks old, I introduce them to the outside world. At that time I start to get them used to going in and out of the house to help with their potty training.

All my puppies are placed with a spay and neuter contract. Only an AKC limited registration will be given, which means you will not be allowed to breed or show your puppy. Cavalier puppies are old enough to go to their new homes when they are 10 to weeks old … it just depends on their individual maturity. Puppies will have vaccination and worming records, plus a health contract. A vet check is done just before the puppies leave our home.
At Gillcrest Cavaliers, we will never ship a puppy and there are no exceptions, sorry.

If you interested in adopting one of my Cavalier puppies, we ask that you first read about our adoption process by clicking the button below, after which you may submit an adoption application. Our application is rigorous and we know that, but we are extremely invested in placing our Cavaliers in the most wonderful and loving homes, so know that you will understand and appreciate our diligence in vetting our potential adoptive families.

Thank you for your interest in Gillcrest Cavaliers!