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Meet the Family at Gillcrest Cavaliers

Breeders of Exceptional Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Since 2002

Jon Jon

AKA Lizmere Fitzgerald

Jon Jon is bigger boned, but probably my most athletic boy. It amazes me how he can run, jump, and frolic around, and do it so easily. Jon Jon has a more masculine look but is still very pretty! He is well muscled with nice movement and a wonderfully straight topline. He is the most happy go lucky cavalier I own. Jon Jon is always up for anything fun. Looks like he is smiling all the time.

I needed a cavalier male that had different lines than Frankie and Max. I was so pleased with Frankie that I wanted to go back to Victoria Gardner at Lizmere Cavaliers and get another male from her. I saw a photo of Jon Jon and knew right away he was cavalier I needed. He has been a great fit for me. Thank you Vickie for entrusting Jon Jon to me. He is a special boy!

Jon Jon’s Sire: Lizmere Luxury Brand

Jon Jon’s Dam: Lizmere Bizzy Lizzy

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Jon Jon
Jon Jon
Jon Jon
Jon Jon
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