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aka Gillcrest Jackson

I have waited a long time to get a really nice tri-colored male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel … well, I should say that I’ve waiting a long time to find one that was nice enough to keep with me here at Gillcrest Cavaliers!  Over the years, I’ve bought a few tri-colored males as puppies, but as they got older, I didn’t feel they were what I was looking for as a sire and so I placed them into wonderful homes as pets.  I eventually decided the only way I was going to have the male tri-color I really wanted was to breed him myself … a challenge since I didn’t have many tri-colors.  Ultimately, I bred a couple of my blenheim girls with a very nice tri-color imported male who had an excellent pedigree and I was lucky because the result was one perfect tri-color male puppy … Jackson!

As Jackson got older, he just kept getting more handsome and I was elated when he passed all of his health clearances … obviously, a must for any dogs I breed here at Gillcrest Cavaliers.  With his wonderful pedigree, the incredibly sweet disposition he’s shown as an adult, and the beautiful puppies he’s produced – I’m just thrilled with him.

It took me almost 20 years to finally have the tri-colored male I wanted and although I may have had to wait a long time for Jackson to come into my life, I am so happy he made it!

Sire: Jakob Black Vom Kaninchengarten

Dam: Gillcrest Ella Rose

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