Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gillcrest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels-Thanksgiving 2018

It’s hard not to share the delicious food of Thanksgiving’s celebration of family with your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, right? After all, dog are important and much-loved members of the family, too!

Sharing table scraps is generally not a good idea, of course – it can lead to weight gain and bad begging habits – but if you REALLY can’t resist sharing some seasonal goodies with your dog, consider making it a few small pieces of unseasoned BONELESS cooked (but not fried) turkey. Absolutely do not share any ham … it’s far too salty and can cause a myriad of problems that will surely make you know it wasn’t worth that brief moment of enjoyment for your Cavalier.

Dogs can generally eat plain white rice, as well – it’s often a remedy for tummy trouble – so mixing cooked white rice with cooked (again, NOT fried), unseasoned turkey and (unsalted) broth/turkey juice is sure to please. Do yourselves a favor and steer clear of anything too fatty though. Plain vegetables (cooked or uncooked) are great options, as well.

While human foods like the above are nice to share, we really just recommend picking up a package of dog treats that your Cavalier doesn’t normally have the opportunity to enjoy … they’re often available in turkey or chicken flavors and so you’ll even be able to keep the theme of the season!

Whatever you decide to share, just be sure your Cavalier King Charles doesn’t over-indulge … that should be left solely to the two-legged members of the family!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Published On: November 21st, 2018By Categories: Cavalier Health & Grooming, Gillcrest Cavaliers

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