Raising A Confident and Social Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels With Other Dogs

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are extremely outgoing and friendly by nature, of course, and much of this comes from the interactions a puppy has with his littermates from birth until twelve to sixteen weeks of age. Positive puppyhood experiences with his mother, brothers and sisters provide valuable lessons in how to act around other dogs, especially how to show and read signs of submission and dominance, in a safe environment.

At Gillcrest Cavaliers, we don’t separate puppies from their mother and littermates before ten weeks of age in order to allow them ample time to develop strong social skills.

After adoption we strongly recommend against all interaction with other dogs until your puppy has finished all of his initial puppy vaccinations … typically around 16 weeks of age. Once those are complete and your vet tells you it is safe for your new puppy to be around other dogs, you can and should arrange play dates and walks with other dog owners.

It’s important to avoid dogs that are aggressive, of course, as exposure to an overly aggressive dog may cause your puppy to become timid. If you see signs of timidity in your puppy after you have begun socializing him with other dogs, we recommend consulting a professional trainer without delay.

Playdates and regular exposure to other non-aggressive dogs will be important if you wish to ensure that your Cavalier stays ‘boned up’ on his doggie social skills throughout his adult life!

Pictured:  Rusty and Jax Hill of Gillcrest Cavaliers … and their posse, of course!

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