Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Emergency Preparedness Dog Food

Off the top of your head … how much dog food do you have on hand? Did you include your Cavalier King Charles’ daily fresh water needs in the amount you have stored for yourself in case of emergency?  How about any medication they may be on?  Do you stay at least a month or two ahead on both prescription and over-the-counter refills for their help and/or comfort?

While there is currently no current indication that there will be a shortage of dog food or medicines you may need, it certainly never hurts to get ahead on what you have in-house so it’s a non-issue, even if that simply means saving you a trip to your local pet store in the coming weeks or months (although remember that Amazon is an excellent option).

Regarding emergency preparedness in general, it’s also wise to consider in advance what your Cavalier would need in the event of a natural disaster and be prepared for that, as well (an earthquake, hurricane, or a disruption in electricity, gas, or water, for instance). Dog food, a supply of bottled water, bowls, a spare leash/harness, and a blanket for warmth are excellent supplies to keep in a pet crate or pet travel bag and have at the ready.

Lastly, we recommend having a point-person with access to your home so they can take custody or care of your pets should you become unavailable or incapacitated for any reason. Something as commonplace as a car collision could potentially keep you from returning home for several days and it’s important to make certain that you’ve discussed with a family, friend, or neighbor that you would wish them to step in and take care of your pets should you find yourself in an unexpected circumstance.

Emergencies happen all to often, unfortunately – but happily, we can ensure the safety of our pets by thinking ahead and making a few simple arrangements for their well-being. That’s our most important role for them, after all!

Published On: November 28th, 2023By Categories: Cavalier Health & Grooming, Gillcrest Cavaliers

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