Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as Companions

Gillcrest Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel Puppies

Although the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is often called a “sporting toy breed” – their true passion is searching out an available lap and subtly finding their way into a good petting session or belly rub. Truly born and bred to be a companion dog, you will find that it doesn’t take long for your Gillcrest Cavalier to become reliant on you for affection throughout the day. In fact, this is why we favor forever homes that don’t have two working adults, leaving the cavalier without any companionship for hours on end daily.

Cavaliers are excellent dogs to introduce into a house with children and rarely will the heavy-handed pets and hugs of a child annoy a Cavalier. As you would expect, however, households with children old enough to understand that tail-pulling is rarely appreciated are best. The energy of youthful children is an ideal match for the Cavaliers love of play, particularly chasing balls and retrieving them for another round.

Fear not, active families … hiking and long walks are also favorite past-times for Cavaliers to enjoy with their owners … but be diligent about using leashes, as even the most strongly worded commands to ignore a nearby squirrel will be abided!

Thanks to proud Gillcrest owners Bill and Sandra Moody for sharing this great photo of Wesley!!

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