Congratulations To Gillcrest Skippy!

We wanted to congratulate Skippy, and his proud owners Kevin and Satsuki, on attending their first Cavalier match, and winning at the Cavaliers of the West Fun Match, on Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Skippy was a beautiful cavalier puppy placed with Kevin and Satsuki as a companion pet, we have all found out that Skippy had other plans for himself, as you can see by his photos how proud he is of his new ribbons !

Below is a part of an email Kevin sent me after their big day:

“We took Skippy to the fun match yesterday; it was a very laid-back affair at Johnny Carson Park and even neutered/spayed dogs were allowed to participate. Skippy even won two blue ribbons for the American Bred class, and then the male class, but then lost to a girl in the overall ‘Best in Show’ duel (but was given a ‘Reserve Winner’ ribbon).”

Gillcrest Skippy
Published On: June 4th, 2011By Categories: Gillcrest Cavaliers

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