Let’s Check In On … Tink & Teddy!

Gillcrest Cavaliers Tink And Teddy 2018

If there’s something we absolutely love here at Gillcrest Cavaliers, it’s receiving email from families with updates and photos of the puppies they have adopted into their families!

We recently received one of those updates from Tiffany, the proud owner of two Gillcrest Cavaliers, along with some adorable photos, of course!

Tiffany first came to us in 2014 and fell in love with Tink … taking her to her new home in Orange Country, CA that August. According to her adoring mom, she’s a sassy, little social butterfly and loves food, tummy rubs, and baths. As is so often the case, one Cavalier leads to a second one … so Teddy, described as a “sensitive, sweet goofball”, charmed his way from our family to theirs one year ago – in June of 2017.

Teddy apparently loves to give hugs and kisses, follow Tink around, and fancies himself braver than he actually is. Tink likes to get Teddy to chase her around or tell him which toys he’s allowed to play with (so we can clearly see who is in charge and well, it’s apparently not Teddy OR Tiffany)!

Tink and Teddy aren’t the shy, by any means — they share their adventures on their own Instagram account at www.instagram.com/tinkandteddy where they have over 5,500 followers!

Gillcrest Cavaliers Tink And Teddy 2018

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